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In The Air and On Air

Dave With the Viper Jet
Some of our crew

Our Vision

What if you could achieve all of your crazy, stupid dreams?  We say that to ourselves all the time at RenegadeAV8R.

Our jet airshow demo and our radio show are designed to be entertaining for our fans but also are designed to inspire.  We want you, to watch what we do and be inspired to live YOUR life at full throttle!

Our Story

The "renegade" in RenegadeAV8R has special meaning to us.  We have been blessed and we have failed.  We have had things easy at times, but most of the time, we have had to work hard, accept critique, sometimes ridicule but through all we persist.  JUST LIKE YOU!

Read Dave's story below.  Tell us YOUR story!  Look there is nothing more crazy sounding than to spend a bunch of time, energy and money into a jet airshow act and a radio show about aviation......but this is what we love.....this is why it makes sense!

Meet The RenegadeAV8R - David "Taz" Costa

You really want to know about me?  OK...here goes.  When you come out to meet me at an airshow....I want to hear YOUR story!


David Costa - The RenegadeAV8R

Jet Airshow Demo Pilot

Host of The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show

CEO, Renegade Jets, LLC


Bio Coming Soon


Laura Costa

Mrs. RenegadeAV8R

Bio Coming Soon

Contact Us!

The easiest way to contact us is via email.  Click the link and send us an email.