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The current world situation has put airshows and aviation events in danger.  The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show is on a mission to promote what airshows are all about.  Excellence DEMONSTRATED!  Airshows are vital to promoting aviation and are what creates that "spark" for all generations to imagine what is possible.  Click the link.  Learn how you can help!

JET Airshow Performer! RenegadeAV8R with the TS-11 Iskra

The TS-11 "ISKRA" is a military jet with over 50 years of active military service in the Polish Air Force.

This is a single-engine advanced jet trainer.  David Costa, The RenegadeAV8R demonstrates the capabilities of this jet.  With speeds over 450 miles per hour!

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The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show with David Costa

David Costa is syndicated on the Salem Radio Network. His weekly radio show is a positive and entertaining change to talk radio.  Each week The RenegadeAV8R interviews guests who have done excellent achievements, overcome great obstacles or have inspiring stories.  You need not be an aviation nut to love The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show.  Listen each week!

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David Costa IS....The RenegadeAV8R

David has over 15,000 hours of flight time in over 125 different makes and models of aircraft.  He is the CEO of Renegade Jets, LLC an aircraft brokerage and management company.

The RenegadeAV8R concept is all about promoting aviation and being of service to anyone with a passion for aviation.

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Since 1993

Have you ever dreamed and thought, "What if?"

The RenegadeAV8R promotes aviation through our airshow appearances and our nationally syndicated radio show.

We are passionate about aviation, but like everything else we do....we take things up a notch.

The RenegadeAV8R is about excellence.  What demonstrates excellence better than airshow flying?

The RenegadeAV8R is about dreaming big, overcoming obstacles, remaining focused and achieving goals.

These things are common to anyone.  People of all kinds come out to airshows.  They may appreciate what they see, but they have dreams and goals that are uniquely their own.  We embrace that and inspire them to take those steps toward THEIR greatness in life.

The RenegadeAV8R is about life without excuses.  Life without comparison to others, but to constant improvement despite the challenges.  Everything we do is meant to inspire our fans to grow, thrive and live their lives at full throttle.

Our sponsors help us promote these values in a unique and effective way. Please support our sponsors....they get it.

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Next Steps...

Take a look at our webiste.  Stay in touch with us.  In the meantime, click the box and listen to podcast of The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show with David Costa!