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RenegadeAV8R Crew

RenegadeAV8R Logo T-Shirt

Black and Bold.  The RenegadeAV8R logo on the left check and covers the back of the shirt.  High quality, cotton.

$30.00 with free shipping in the USA.

RenegadeAV8R ISKRA T-Shirt shirt.  High quality.  Our logo on the left chest, with a full back graphic of our TS-11 ISKRA Airshow Jet.

$30.00 with free shipping in the USA.

Real Pilots Do It With Twins T-Shirt

Come on....funny!  We do a lot of twin engine training in one of our other businesses.

$30.00 with free shipping in the USA.


RenegadeAV8R Team Logo

Want a team decal?  All you need to do is ask!  Contact us below and tell us you want one and where to send it!

RenegadeAV8R CREW Shirts

Become an honorary member of the RenegadeAV8R CREW.  These are the shirts our crew wears!  Each shirt will be customized with your name embroidered on the shirt!

$100 per shirt, includes your name and recognition as an honorary team member.  Free shipping in the USA.

CREW Shirt

Order RenegadeAV8R Merchandise

Let's not make this complicated.  Want to order some official RenegadeAV8R "Merch"? Click the ORDER button, call 888-355-5256, or email us,  We will call you back and get you all set up!