MISSION – Save Our Airshows!

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MISSION – Save Our Airshows!

Your opportunity to be part of the solution!

Why do you support airshows and aviation events?  Is it really just an unemotional marketing opportunity or is there something more?

There are many choices in marketing and promotional platforms.  Some might be telling you that all you need to do is use online marketing and sales will come rolling in.

But you know something that other companies do not.  You already understand the power and value of airshows.


The RenegadeAV8R has a plan and we are looking for your involvement.

OK, the first thing that you are thinking about is money.  David Costa and The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show want money from me.

You and I don't have time to play games with each other.  Sure I do.  But the real question is WHY?

What is the plan?

What will your involvement mean for the airshow industry, the performers and YOU?

How does this benefit you?

Well, I can promise you this.  You WILL benefit or I would have no interest in talking to you.  Why would I want to waste your valuable time and mine?

That is why the next step is critical.

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ONE Simple Phone Call.

Nothing fancy, no crazy autoresponse system.  No sales pitch.  Two people (or anyone on your team you wish to include) having a simple conversation.

I think that once you and I have the opportunity to discuss some ideas and learn more about each other, we will know in under 21 minutes if this is a good fit.

I am not only a radio show host and an airshow pilot.  I am a business owner and entrepreneur.  I know what you already know.  In order to take one cent from our business, we need to have an understanding as to why this is good for our business, our clients and our stockholders.

Give me 21 minutes.  

See that link on the right side of your screen?  CLICK IT.  You can send me a voicemail, and let me know a good time for ME to call YOU.

My personal cell: 775-742-7079.

You can call me directly as well.

We have a mutually beneficial opportunity here.  Call me and see if you and I should do some business together.  

But, wait! More below.



Not yet, Dave.  I would rather get more information by email.

I understand.  Not sure if what I offer is even worth your time for a 21-minute call?

You can contact me by email.  I will ask you to opt-in.  I don't SPAM.  I don't share information with anyone outside my team.


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