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Mayday! Save Our Airshows

If you want to see our airshows and live aviation events remain, we need to take action right now!

Most of you will not take the next step, that's OK.  The RenegadeAV8R is looking for the 3% who will.

Join our RenegadeAV8R CREW and help us SAVE OUR AIRSHOWS!

Join Our Crew

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As a Patron, and a member of our CREW you are the 3% that is making things happen.  Our combination of our RenegadeAV8R Radio Show and our TS-11 Iskra Jet Airshow Demo gives us the opportunity to not just be a performer, but to be a voice in the airshow industry for something more.

Please don't let our airshows fade away.  The time to take action is now.  Look at our videos and our blog posts on this page that talk about all the benefits of our airshows and be a part of the solution.  Please click here:

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