MAYDAY! Save our airshows!

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MAYDAY! Save our airshows!

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Click the link. The link takes you to our Patreon Page where you will find 5 different levels of participation. We have options for individual fans and for business.  Join our CREW and be a part of the solution.

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Attention, airshow fans!

The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show IS the only radio show that is focused on airshows, airshow performers and other aviation events.

We are nationally syndicated on the Salem Radio Network.

This is OUR time to be pro-active and save our airshows!

JOIN THE CAUSE!  Airshows need your help.

FANS - Click the Patreon links on this page. In exchange for your support, you will be a part of the solution! Cool benefits for our FANS who get involved!

BUSINESSES and AIRSHOW SPONSORS - we are asking for your help too.  Sponsor or advertise on The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show and we will make sure this is a win-win for YOUR business.  We have special categories on our Patreon page that are suited to businesses of any size.  Please check out Patreon by using the button at the top and bottom of this page.

Airshows have been so valuable to us.  It is time we make sure they are around DESPITE this COVID-19 situation.

I am counting on you!

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In the Air and ON AIR, This IS David Costa, I AM The RenegadeAV8R SEE YA!