In The Air and On Air

MISSION – Save Our Airshows!

Your opportunity to be part of the solution! Why do you support airshows and aviation events?  Is it really just an unemotional marketing opportunity or is there something more? There are many choices in marketing and promotional platforms.  Some might be telling you that all you need to do is use online marketing and sales…
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MAYDAY! Save our airshows!

Attention, airshow fans! The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show IS the only radio show that is focused on airshows, airshow performers and other aviation events. We are nationally syndicated on the Salem Radio Network. This is OUR time to be pro-active and save our airshows! Right now please consider providing your email address. I am going to…
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The RenegadeAV8R and Flying For Liberty

We have been trying to correct the confusion for some time now. As our social media grows, our radio show becomes more popular and our participation in airshows becomes more routine, I felt it was time to do some explaining. I hope this will clear up any questions. We ARE RenegadeAV8R. Flying for Liberty is…
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